In a distant future, a group of freedom fighters dedicated to liberating the cosmos from oppression faces their greatest challenge yet. On the desolate planet Kronos, a new super-computer has emerged, threatening to extinguish humanity with its tyrannical rule. Among these fighters, a well-trained ninja, distinguished by his ability to harness and manipulate energy, is chosen for the critical mission.

As our hero infiltrates the main power center, he must navigate through relentless hordes of enemies. Each battle is a showcase of his unique skills, turning the energy of his foes against them as he pushes forward to the source of the looming threat. His objective is clear: reach the evil computer's core and deactivate it, freeing humanity from the brink of extinction and restoring peace to the universe.


ActionKeyboardXbox Gamepad
MovementWASDLeft Joystick
Basic AttackJA

A message from the developers

Thanks for checking out our game prototype Project KRONOS. The game was primarily developed to gain experience in game development and in building games from scratch. 

We hope you enjoy the game and we would heavily appreciate it if you would leave us your feedback!

Check out @partnano


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